Your consultation
for your future.

Are you between the ages of 15 and 25 and have questions about your professional future? No problem. We help you find the answers. Call or write us an e-mail and set a consultation appointment.

For your first consultation, please bring your identification and ideally your most recent certificates and, if possible, your application paperwork.

Are you wondering what topics you can discuss with us? When it comes to your professional future, there is no topic too small for a conversation or too big for a solution.

Are you looking for the right education or need information for your application? We give you the best tips and, of course, help you look for a study spot.

Are you wondering what happens after school, or want to make up for a leaving certificate? Good idea! We help you with all school-related opportunities.

Are you taking your leaving exams and want to know how you can study? We give you all the right answers when it comes to your studies.

You would like to achieve so much, but cannot focus on your professional future because you are so stressed out by other things? Come by and let us help. Our consultation is completely confidential.

Voluntary. Confidential.

Our promise.

You decide on your own what you want to discuss with us. We will not disclose this information to anyone else if you do not want us to. And, of course, our consultation is free for you.

Good to know!

If you are attending an integrated secondary school, a Gymnasium or another general education school, ask for the BSO Team at the administrative office and receive a consultation right at your school. It doesn’t get any easier.

We shape the future.

We, the team at the Youth Employment Agency Berlin, advise you at our twelve locations and help you find the right education or study programme.

Who we are.
The team at the Youth Employment Agency Berlin consists of experts from the Employment Agencies, Jobcenters, Youth Welfare and occupational schools.

How we work.
Our experts work closely together under one roof. This helps us efficiently and quickly find the best solutions for creating a successful professional future.

We are supported by the Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Family Affairs, the Senate Administration for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs, and the Berlin-Brandenburg location of the Federal Employment Agency.

What we do.
Our goal is to support young Berliners on their path to employment and help them as a partner.

By phone.
Via e-mail.
In person.

By phone.

Do you have a specific question or would like to make an appointment?
Give us a call. Our YEA team for the service hotline will be happy to assist you.

We can only speak in German over the phone.

+49 30 90 19 19 19

Via e-mail.

Want to write to us? No problem! Send us an e-mail via the contact form. We will get in touch.

The contact form is in English.


In person.

Don’t speak German?
No problem! Simply make an appointment with the contact form and tell us what language you wish to use.

We will provide an interpreter for your appointment.

Our office hours

Monday and Tuesday
8:00 to 16:00

Wednesday and Friday
8:00 to 12:30

8:00 to 18:00